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How we can help

We help reduce the stress in your life by putting systems in place to reduce clutter, which saves time. Most people use 20% of their home 80% of the time, and that 20% of a home can become disorganized very quickly.

We specialize in decluttering and downsizing in Asheville, NC. In addition to household organizing, we also organize basements and garages.

We love the look on a client’s face after an organizing project is complete!

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What we do

We can organize and declutter a single room, or your entire home, transforming it into a place of joy and serenity.

  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Home Office
  • Kitchen
  • Playroom
  • Closets

We can clean out your basement or garage, freeing up valuable space. We can transform your home office, by organizing your desk and workspace, streamlining your filing system, and decluttering your devices and cords.

We'll help remake your kitchen into a beautiful and practical space, by organizing your drawers, cabinets, pantries and utensils.

We can help declutter or downsize your playroom, closets and any other part of your home, with care and consideration.

Make the choice to make a change

“Today is the day you rid yourself of anything that distracts from your best life.”

― Joshua Becker, The Minimalist Home

Meet Barb McKenzie

Barb McKenzie is the owner of Serenity through Organization. Prior to professional organizing, Barb spent over thirty years as a teacher, administrator, and tenured university professor. Using her teaching skills, she develops a tailor-made system for sorting, space planning, and time management for every client.

Barb McKenzie

Working with Barb helps clients reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, gain a sense of control, reduce stress, and gain positive energy from their space. Barb enjoys creating spaces that allow her clients more time to relax in their homes.

Her commitment to serving others and giving back are key hallmarks of her organizing business. Barb facilitates donations on behalf of her clients to Asheville Habitat ReStore, Hearts with Hands, Our VOICE, and the MANNA Foodbank.

What our clients say

Barb is a professional organizer and someone you can trust. I decided to down-size my home. She is very quick and knows how to "declutter" a home. My home has never looked better.
Dawn, Asheville

I asked Barb if she could come help me select and hang my boxed artwork and photos on my walls. I had several huge boxes - from my earlier life, my son's childhood, and pieces I had acquired from museums and galleries.

Barb's instinctive knowledge of where things belonged, in which room and wall, amazed me. Her sense of juxtaposition is amazing. If it had not been for Barb, it might have taken me years to figure out what would be meaningful for me to have on my walls. She has the genius of decorating and making it all feel "right"!
Carol, Asheville

Barb is a lady that gets the job done! My Mom passed away this past May, at 90 years old. I had been sitting in my living room completely overwhelmed for weeks. With every item in every box there was a memory attached, that I had to process and grieve.

I shared my story and my needs with Barb and without judgement or indecision she began working side by side with me and within hours we had unloaded and broken down boxes, washed and found appropriate places for dishes, lamps and various keepsakes. We hung pictures and moved furniture around until I felt that my space was "just right."

Thank you to Barb for sharing your listening and organizing skills with me. You definitely have a gift. Best of all, I am extremely relieved!
Juliette Jordan, Asheville

Letting go of things

Sometimes it’s hard for people to let go of things that have sentimental value.

One of our clients had saved every ribbon and trophy her child had won from field days, basketball games, and art contests. She was hesitant to discard the items, thinking this would diminish the memories.

We took pictures of the ribbons, trophies, and other memorabilia. Next, we scanned the pictures and created a digital slideshow. She was able to remember these precious moments each time she used her computer.

We can hold on to our memories without holding on to the items.

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